Meal at The Gardener
simple, uncomplicated & tasty


Our menu has been designed with simplicity in mind, using only the freshest ingredients and keeping it as local as we can. Our ham is from quality Ayrshire farmers and our yoghurt is freshly made by Katy Rodgers in Stirling.

Pop in anytime of the day or night and we’ll have the perfect plate for you. Whether you’re after a great breakfast at the weekend to get your day started, a cheeky lunchtime deal, a lazy brunch or you just want to get something to share with your mates while you enjoy a drink or two – we’ve got it covered.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, don’t worry. We’ve got some pretty delightful seasonal perfect serves, great choice of organic wines and fizz and a selection of craft beers.


We are delighted to support our friends at ‘Company Bakery’ – an award winning traditional bakery based in Edinburgh. 

Company Bakery source all their grain from ‘Scotland The Bread’ –  a collaborative venture to grow better grain for nourishment, sustainability and food sovereignty.

Our Company Bakery goods are made fresh every morning, using organic butter & flour. They combine malt extract & brown sugar to give depth of flavour & appetising golden colour.

Ask for one of our Company Bakery goods when you next visit, paired perfectly with a rich espresso or creamy latte. 

Light, flaky, & delicately sweet

Pain au Chocolat
Buttery, airy & filled with cocoa butter

Morning Bun
Malted croissant dough rolled in vanilla sugar

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